At the end of the 19th century, Russia was looking at the western world as an example. In todays world Russia seems to distance itself from the west. This to me was an interesting starting point for my costume design for ‘ The bear’ by Tsjechov.

A costume, wearable in the present day, but with nods to classic Russian garments. My research began with examining current affairs and changes in Russia. Politics are inevitable. I was intrigued by the ‘Post Soviet-Teens’, the first generation after the fall of the Soviet Union. And the pro-Putin movement with it’s excessive propaganda. I connected the play’s characters, Popova, Loeka and Smirnov, to these political movements by analyzing their characteristics.

This costume for Popova was influenced by Putin propaganda as you for example can tell by the silhouette of his face on the leotard. 

       Designs Loeka - Popova- Smirnov 


Model: Isabel  Hees

Photography: Jessica Boerstra

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