My name is Marjan Boukes, I’m a theatrical creator based in Amsterdam.

After graduating as an allround make up artist in 2014, I started my career as an independent artist. Since then I’ve been working as a make up artist for various photographers, theatre companies and productions for film and other media.

Wanting to expend my artistry I decided to go back to school. I chose to study theatre design at the HKU. This is where I further explored my interests and developed new skills. 

My work is a result of different disciplines. Whether it is on my own or in a team, I’m not afraid to go outside of my comfort zone. I’m inspired by the movement of the human body. The female form and mind and her position in society is also reflected in my work. 

Others have described my designs as ‘stylized’, ‘distorted’, and ‘with a dark edge’. 

My collection of costumes, stage designs and make up / hair designs is very diverse yet distinguishable and I look forward to expand my resumé in the future. 

worked with i.a. :

Museumnacht/Toneelmakerij/OperaSpanga/Mysteryland/ SensationWhite/SoldaatvanOranje/ANNE/Getoftheroadfilm/ HetZuidelijkToneel/HYTE/Verknipt/WTTF/Nachtlab

Contestant Battle of the Brushes IMATS London 2015, beauty/fantasy category.

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